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Incite Magazine Cover Story,
Incite PC Games Magazine June 2000

"Though confident he's got the musical talent and connections to produce some killer game music, (Daniel) Spitz (Ex Lead Guitarist from Anthrax) realizes it's a bit brash to think he knows everything there is to know. So he's undergone a partnership with an extremely successful game music composer, Kevin Manthei. Manthei has composed music... including Mask of Eternity, Civilization 2, Panzer General II, and Jagged Alliance 2... He is also active in the film and TV worlds, where his music credits include work on Scream and Scream 2, The Faculty, Deep Impact, 54, and Air Force One. "I'm striving to give games a cinematic feel. I don't want to 'game up' my music", explains Manthei. "I want my music to say, "Hey, this is film-score quality. This is cinematic.'"
S. Klett, Sr Editor, Incite PC Gaming