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Justice League: The New Frontier

"Lastly – I have to say the score by Kevin Manthei is absolutely top notch. I’m not really familiar with his previous work – but given his work here – and the preview for BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT that’s on this DVD – I’m sure I’ll be hearing a lot from this fella in the future. By the way – the GOTHAM KNIGHT DVD feature looks amazing – the different Anime styles really are amazing looking to see Batman existing in. But by far – I’m more interested in just rewatching NEW FRONTIER."- Ain't It Cool News

"Where would a movie be without its soundtrack? The New Frontier has such a terrific and monumentally awesome score by Kevin Manthei that captures the spirit of the film in remarkable fashion. I’ll wait to expand on the score in the review for that when the soundtrack hits (March 18th), but I will say that I can definitely foresee myself listening to it for a couple weeks at least." - World's Finest DVD Report

Justice League