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Kings Quest: Mask Of Eternity

"Fortunately, there's enough going on in the audio department to make up for any graphical missteps. Mask of Eternity has a lush, orchestral soundtrack that greatly enhances the gaming experience." - GameSpot

"As with every graphic adventure, KQ:MOE relies heavily on sound, and the audio team did a superb job of integrating the soundtrack as well as the sound effects into the game. There is a dramatic, dynamic fantasy soundtrack that fits the settings perfectly and the environmental noises and sound effects are extremely well done, actually changing with surface characteristics and distance." -

"The music is a solid complement-from the Star Wars-y theme, to shivers down the spine horror movie music, to English folk that could find a happy home in The Bard's Tale. Early on, the atmosphere is spooky: I've never felt as on edge in a King's Quest." - PC Games