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"The music in Majesty is also fantastic. The songs are gloriously battle inspiring and are sure to transform even the meekest computer jockeys into chest-thumping Alpha Males. Some of the in-game medieval court music gets a little tedious, fruity, and overplayed, but the great and barbaric battle songs easily overshadow them. An impressive and enjoyable soundtrack overall. Music so manly and rousing it'll have you feasting on bloody-rare steaks and wrestling your Doberman. 8.5 /10." -

"Fitting the medieval fantasy theme, the music in Majesty is well done. Captive and festive folk tunes with energetic woodwinds, the music gave me the sensation that I was at a renaissance festival. It has the power to really draw you into the game... They made gameplay a more enjoyable experience." - The Adrenalin Vault